Steven Lavender is an Australian trained physiotherapist and has extensive post-graduate education and advanced training and worked in all levels of hospital and private healthcare. With two decades of experience and the latest in diagnostic assessment and treatment tools, he is well equipped to assess and treat pelvic issues. He offers the most comprehensive evaluation and treatment possible using Diagnostic Anorectal Manometry, sEMG, and real-time ultrasound imaging. His excellent one-on-one care provides the best possible outcomes as he works closely with your medical providers to ensure a comprehensive team approach that will surpass your expectations.
Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist NYC Steve Lavender Manhattan Men's Pelvic Health
Steven is passionate about all aspects of men’s health and is one of the very few men who specializes in Men’s Pelvic Health. Pelvic floor dysfunction includes many symptoms that can be sensitive and may cause anxiety, Steven has extensive knowledge and full understanding to not only put you at ease but to help you achieve the best possible outcomes. He understands that for those specifically who engage in receptive anal sex, issues related to being too tight or too loose in the pelvic area can cause pain, any problems with anal sex, bowel or bladder issues, constipation, or leakage can directly affect quality of life. That’s why proper assessment and treatment by a skilled professional who knows what they are doing and understands you is key.

Steven is committed to providing the finest and most appropriate surgical management for you. Utilizing the most effective and comprehensive evaluation and treatment techniques, Steven can help you to avoid surgery if possible. If surgery is required, he can guide you through your recovery so you can meet or exceed your personal goals. He will also teach you techniques that can prevent the condition from recurring and will help you achieve mastery of your pelvic floor muscles, providing true control through your desired range of muscle excursion.

“There is no other facility in the United States that offers the level of evaluation, treatment, or patient care we do.”